training workshop: 3D visualisation

Dear all,

I would just like to bring to your attention the following training workshop:

Third  Specialization  Forum


Carnuntum (Hainburg – Austria) 2nd – 7th July 2012

Registration fee: As the teaching staff is partially financed by the EC, participation costs will be limited to: EURO 320, including didactic materials, accommodation (in double rooms) and meals (full board) in hotels in the village of Hainburg, site visits and use of lab facilities. Participants who want to stay in a single room will have to pay an additional sum according to the different reservation condition.

For the preliminary program and the invited speakers list follow this link:

All the best,


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2 Responses to training workshop: 3D visualisation

  1. kristina1990 says:

    Hi, I couldn’t leave a comment on the about page which is why I am leaving it here.

    I find your research quite interesting. I am currently doing my masters in the application of computational intelligence to archaeological data. To be more specific, the temporal clustering of archaeological datasets, but enjoy any part of computational archaeology really.

    I have a blog on computational archaeology at which you might find interesting. I recently posted about 3D modelling of archaeological data, which may be relevant to your research.

    • kristina1990 says:

      As I send this I get an e-mail stating that you are already following my blog. I am glad you found it interesting enough to follow 🙂

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